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We no longer send to EU countries
We do not sell paint

The best advice is to look for a similar colour in a motorists shop.

Here are some colours people have found to be a close match:

  • Use a barbecue or car brake type heat resistant paint for firebox black
  • Ford Rosso Red
  • Ford Highland Green
The following colour codes were posted on the Mamod Forum
We have not verified that they are correct:
  • Cream Ral# 1015 Gloss
  • Red Ral# 3020 Gloss
  • Green Ral# 6005 Gloss
  • Burgundy Ral# 3005 Gloss
  • Yellow Ral# 1021
  • Blue Ral# 5015 Satin
  • Black Ford
  • Red (Belling) Ral# 3003
  • Grey Ral# 7043